I’m a new resident of Waverly Hall, Georgia, and I have been met with such professionalism by your local company. High speed internet is a must in my profession to compete in my business. When I called the first time last year, while my house was still under construction, I decided to reach out early to establish a relationship with WavCom. I was met over the phone by Jennifer who treated me like I was part of the WavCom family, and I wasn’t even a paying customer at the time. I would be remiss for not mentioning the other ladies that I conversed with over the phone for their outstanding customer service. I apologize for not remembering their names off-hand but speaking for my neighbors, we all echo the same sentiments. Finally, the big compliment goes to your top leaders and those out in the field, especially Alex who helped facilitate this entire neighborhood including myself receiving this amazing service. Alex is the most patient person, very responsive, and a great leader out in the field. This speaks volumes for USConnect Company on how your business model is being run. This goes a long way in this world today. Thank you for servicing us all.

February 5, 2019

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